Exclusive Patrizio Buanne Interview

Currently in the UK on a promotional tour of his sophomore album, Forever Begins Tonight, the ever charming Patrizio chats exclusively with Newzline.

In a world were skinny jeans, slacker hair and production-line pop stars rule the charming and talented self-confessed ‘ambassador of Italian romance’ Patrizio Buanne is a breath of fresh air.

Since the release of his highly acclaimed debut album ‘The Italian’ in 2005 the 28- year old Naples crooner has made it his personal mission to bring a little ‘Dolce Vita’ back into all our lives with great success.

During the last two whirlwind years ‘The Italian’ has twice been in the UK top ten album charts helping him to achieve gold sales status here and in America

Exclusive Patrizio

But it doesn’t stop there.

Not only has ‘The Italian’ reached platinum status in South Africa, Asia and New Zealand, but it is almost triple platinum in Australia giving him a total of one million record sales worldwide all earning him a loyal fan base and the respect of some very famous fans along the way, including; Gwen Stefani, Robbie Williams and even The Queen.

With songs sung in a mixture of English, Spanish and Italian, Forever Beings Tonight is Patrizio’s accomplished follow up to ‘The Italian’ that effortlessly carries on the tradition of the passionate Italian love songs that he does so well.

“This album is an encore to what people heard in the first album.” Patrizio says.

Forever Begins Tonight was originally released in October 2006 but with such a tight schedule that included touring Australia and Asia, it wasn’t the right time to showcase what a wonderful talent this man has, which is why the album has been repackaged and re-released.

“In the sixties, while the UK had bands like the Beatles and The Rolling Stones a lot of the romantic songs at that time were coming from great Italian singers and then translated into English and I wanted to share some of these wonderful songs with the world.”

“The new album is more of the old Italian songs that people know – or don’t know” He says. “For example, ‘You Don’t Have to Say you Love Me’ (recorded and sung by Cilla Black) is actually an old Italian song written by a guy called, Giuseppe ‘Pino’ Donaggio that was originally called Io Che Non Vivo.”

Complete with sexy new album cover and bonus tracks like the fantastic, ‘Stand Up For The Champions’ the official song of last years FIFA World Cup in which his home team Italy won and the beautiful Elvis classic ‘Always on my mind’ which he sings in Spanish is also added as a bonus track in English.

And while it may be easy to put Patrizio in a box comparing him with some of his idols like Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Engelbert Humperdinck – on this album Patrizio shows that he has somewhat moved on from being just ‘The Italian’ by becoming a talent in his own right and including some spell-binding original material.

One of which is the albums title track Forever Begins Tonight, a contemporary love song that was written for him by Connor Reeves and his musical director, Mike Stevens (Take That/ Annie Lennox).

The heartbreaking ‘Sorridi’ with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, the beautiful ‘Vicin’O Mare’ and the magical ‘Lets Make Love’ complete with soulful gospel choir.

It also includes the breathtaking ‘Un Angelo’ Patrizio’s interpretation of the Robbie Williams classic, ‘Angels’ the first ever to be recorded in a foreign language, and the fantastic toe-tapping ‘Bella Bella Signorina’ a song that Patrizio exclusively tells Newzline, has been picked up by DJ Jason Nevins (responsible for the 1998 hit remix of Run DMCs ‘It’s Like That’) which may see a future release.

Exclusive Patrizio Buanne Interview

“The American DJ Jason Nevins heard the song Bella from my album and was inspired to do a remix of it which is really exciting!”

This is fantastic news for Patrizio who sometimes feels that the romantic Music he is so passionate about can often be perceived as ‘cheesy’ especially in the UK where the British media can often have an aversion to anything slightly different from the skinny jean wearing, indie hipsters that permeate our airwaves.

“The British media are quite cynical about a romantic artist.” He says “It’s almost like being romantic and being Italian instantly makes you cheesy, and that’s not fair.”

“I am forced to compete with bands like The Killers, Snow Patrol and the Kaiser Chiefs. They are great bands and I love their Music, but it is like eating fish and chips everyday – it’s nice to have a bit of variety.”

Not that his many loyal fans seem to notice, a point that was proven when Patrizio played his first UK show at the Adelphi Theatre in London last November.

This long-awaited concert saw fans queuing around the block for autographs and pictures with the man when after a passion fuelled performance he declared that he would meet and greet his fans – something which he often does.

So how did he feel playing a concert in London for the first time?

“The Adelphi was fantastic,” he tells me, a smile lighting his voice.

“Finally being able to do a concert in the UK meant a lot to me because I was signed here and it is where everything began.

“My fans are incredible. They search the internet, they find out I am doing a tour here and a tour there. Some people even came down from Scotland and Liverpool to see my concert at the Adelphi in London.”

Something that he hopes to repeat with a tour of the UK later this year.

After recently returning from a promotional tour of Asia Patrizio will once again be a very busy man, embarking next month on a tireless touring schedule that will see him performing shows throughout America, New Zealand and one of the places where he most feels at home, Australia.

“The Australian fans have been a great to me,” he says, “Some of my favourite places to perform are Asia and Australia.

“I performed in Australia last year and it is like a home territory for me.

“I am really looking forward to playing some more great concerts there this May.

“You know what.” He adds laughing, “A woman once said to me, Patrizio you are big down under,”

In Australia, where some of Patrizio’s extended family live, Forever Begins Tonight has already reached platinum status and his debut album ‘The Italian’ is almost three times platinum – now we know why!

With a heavy touring schedule and third album on the way that will include more original material, I wonder, when does he ever get time to relax?

“I’ve forgotten what to do when I’m off.” He says laughing. “I listen to Music or go for a swim.”

“I’ve recently bought a house in Spain so I am in the process of decorating. I have to buy things like furniture and towels. It’s unbelievable, I have lived alone before but sometimes everything in life can be so easy and suddenly you have all these challenges.”

Never truer than in a Music industry where increasingly artists are picked up from televised talent shows then dropped like a Wiggles hot potato.

It is very rare to find someone who is so effortless in charm, has an accomplished and mesmerising voice and is so passionate about their Music and the joy it brings to many.

Having the last word Patrizio adds;

“In this industry there are people who follow and people who set the standards. I want to be the one to set the standards for good Music, love, romance and Dolce Vita.”

Patrizio’s album, Forever Begins Tonight is out now

For more info check out: www.patriziobuanne.com and www.myspace.com/patrizioofficial

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